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Introduction To Van Shells

Introduction To Van Shells

Slow down there buddy, do you have a lead foot? The best way to save money on gas is to drive a little slower. Instead of pushing it 5 above the speed limit and watching out for Johnny Law, why not stay 5 below the speed limit and keep your eyes on the rolling landscape?

Arrive early. Even if you have a reserved space you want to make sure that you get to your site as early as possible. If your site turns out to not be exactly what you expect many campgrounds allow you to find a campsite that is better suited for your needs as long as they are still vacant. If you get to your site late you might not have this option. Also it is a good idea to set up camp and get a nice feel for your surroundings. Always ask the campground host if there is a detailed map of the campground available.

Never forget your comfortable camp chairs. Camping is not it without the campfire. Your camp chair will make a lovely pair with the camp fire as allies for relaxation.

Used campers need to be bought with caution. People are not going to tell you or show you something wrong with their camper because they want to sell it and not have to fix anything. So with that said, make sure to look over every square inch and ask a lot of questions. You do not want to buy something you are going to have to rebuild, you might as well have just bought a new one in that case.

Finally, learn as much as you can about your motor home. If you can do your own RV maintenance, you will save BIG bucks. Learn also about RV generators and other important accessories.

Two couples. A pick up truck. One small baby, that was not mine, by the way. Five in total, we were going camping. We will have fun, they said. We have nothing else to do, they said. We will have a big bon fire, they said. Hot dogs and roasted marshmallows. Fishing was promised. That got me. I do like to fish. OK. Let's do it. The women were in charge of food, clothes, blankets and womanly things. The men were in charge of other camping equipment, such as tents, fishing poles, bait, ice, coolers and other rugged men camping things. Sounds fair, right?

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